Don’t get me wrong, making fun of Ollie is always the right thing to do, but in this case, looking at that smile, I’m think what we’re seeing is about 15% Malcolm being (very slightly) mean to Oxbridge twat Oliver Reeder and about 85% Peter teasing his friend Chris Addison.

Don’t get me wrong, making fun of Ollie is always the right thing to do, but in this case, looking at that smile, I’m think what we’re seeing is about 15% Malcolm being (very slightly) mean to Oxbridge twat Oliver Reeder and about 85% Peter teasing his friend Chris Addison.


When Malcolm’s being the reasonable one, you know Jamie McDonald (noted film critic and cultural analyst) been visiting the moving picture house again. 

Very possibly the greatest conversation ever and certainly the truest one about this particular piece of cinematic art.


After this, who wouldn’t follow Malcolm to the very gates of hell?


It was the best of mustaches, it was the worst of mustaches…

Row 1: Happy Mr Whiskers and Grumpy George Harrison

Row 2: The Greatest Mustache in the World and A Sheep and Its Mouse Friend

Row 3: A Tale of Two Bowlers

And yes, Luke Wakefield (aka Bowler Number 1) is in the best of column on purpose because his mustache is so bad it’s come fully around to being awesome.  


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Oh Elly.Run like the wind to Bogota you fool!

I’ve seen the other five episodes of series 2 now and not only does Elly not run off to Bogota as anyone in their right mind would, but she immediately — and I mean immediately — gets together with a nice middle class doctor in a failing marriage.  Curiously, Elly does talk to him a little bit about her own failed marriage, but never says a peep about Larry. (Guilt?  Anger?  Both?)

Now, Larry doing a moonlight flit doesn’t necessarily speak too highly about his maturity (not that Elly seems all that bothered, but then she represses a lot), but I do think it says something about Elly that she doesn’t seem to have nearly the same commitment problems with Mark the respectable GP with the right kind of accent that she did with Larry who was definitely much rougher around the edges.  And all the hotter for it, don’t get me wrong!

The funniest thing to me about series 2, where the only person carried over from series 1 was Elly, is that there was actual plot devoted to what happened with Larry, and there was an explanation for why Misty the tracer was replaced (she went on an aroma therapy course), but aside from the snapshot of Dee and her family, there was absolutely zero about what happened to them and why Elly needed a new partner. 

Oh Larry - well it is closure and possibly more than poor old Cardinal C is going to get.

I thought the Chandler stuff was surprisingly comprehensive all things told, and answered most of the unresolved Larry/Elly questions. I did find Elly’s total lack of concern over Larry’s sudden and at that point completely unexplained disappearance (where he left everything including his keys behind) just a bit odd — that is, unless we are to understand he did that kind of thing all the time which, who knows, could well be the answer.

Frankly, I will be disappointed if we don’t find out that the Cardinal decided there was no point in living if he couldn’t put people on the rack. That’s all he ever wanted, but no one would let him do it, so why go on?

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All the long-awaited (at least by me) Larry related bits from Chandler & Co. 201. 

The infamous voice over cameo starts at 3:57 and the whole file is a little less than seven minutes long.


Chandler & Co Series 2*, finally the answer to what happened with Larry (and Elly)

I think I know now why Peter thinks he was in Chandler & Co. series 2: his rather brooding passport pictures show up twice AND there’s the infamous voiceover cameo.  Put those two things together and that’s totally the same as actually acting in the episode.  Well, isn’t it?

*oh yes, finally, at long last, and so on et cetera!  With the video proof in the next post that’s coming right up.

So it turns out that the infamous voiceover isn’t in fact an answering machine message as I always though it was (thereby leaving The Voice of Important Plot Weather as the king of recorded voices), but is actually us hearing Larry’s voice as Elly reads a letter sent by him to explain why she went out one night to pick up some takeaway and came back to find all of his stuff (including his debts there), but him gone. 

It’s not exactly a satisfying ending — although it does completely resolve the will they won’t they series 1 cliffhanger — and the part where his pictures are literally put in the bin (not by Elly, if you’re wondering) in case we don’t get that he’s not coming back is not exactly subtle, but at least it is an ending, which is more than can be said about Dee, where there’s not one word of explanation for why she’s no longer there, just a blurry shot of her and her annoying husband and children on Elly’s desk (now located in Larry’s loft, if you’re wondering).

[And so how do you gif something if the main person you’re interested in isn’t physically in the episode?  Why, the answer is simple: put in some important Elly/Larry gifs from series 1, and then add the only sightings of his face in 201, plus a bit from 201 where Elly snuggles with Larry’s most favorite of his many many favorite jumpers and there you go!]


070 Strictly Sinatra (1999)

What we have here is Peter’s first — and so far only (unless something ever happens with Born to be King which is seeming less and less likely) — full length studio-financed feature film directed by him from his own script. 

Peter stays completely behind the camera so there are no scenes of him acting, but there’s about ten minutes of behind-the-scenes footage including an on-set interview that are pretty cool, especially if you can look past the watermark and timecode match the scenes he’s directing (middle eight gifs), and see how much of it actually makes it to the screen (final gif).

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069 The Greatest Store in the World (1999)

Ah, Brian aka Mr Whiskers the (apparently) only doorman at Scottley’s Department Store and possessor of The Greatest Mustache in the World (1999 edition).  Besides the awesome lip topiary, he also has lots of cool gold braid to go with his gold buttons and top hat, festive holiday braces (that don’t quite attach to his trousers correctly in the back), attractive hi viz bike gear (whatever you do, don’t tell Malcolm), plus a snuggly fleece AND a hungry kitten called Ruby who gives well-chosen Christmas presents.

I suspect for Peter this was more of a “A man’s got to eat” role — the shoehorned in appearance by S Club 7 is probably not the highlight of his career — but on the other hand, it does have BRIAN BLESSED and Ricky Tomlinson in the cast, and going by the Youtube comments, a lot of people associate this film with very happy childhood memories and consider it something of a holiday classic for the 1990s CBBC generation. 

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