The very first we see of Pilfrey is via his “You can see by the angle I’m sitting at that I am a competent trustworthy doctor” poster.  He has the same poster hanging outside his own office, presumably so he’ll know it is his office.  Yes, his name is on the door, but that could mean anything!

While it doesn’t sound like a set-up for a joke, Ronnie’s remark about being younger than Paul does have a humorous payoff in episode 6 when Paul — as a regressed eleven year old — tricks Pilfrey into confessing his actual age which, suffice it to say, is not younger than Paul.

Finally though, you know I love Pilfrey more than the moon and the stars, but even I would have been tempted to follow Paul’s lead re: The Finger since Ronnie kind of is asking for it with all the digital talk.


Ceci n’est pas une pomme.


Oh my, I’ve done a lot of edits on this because I posted before doing the research which is always a mistake, but I think this version is finally correct. 

It looks like Peter was in a total of three Whitbread bitter commercials: the one on the coach, the one linked here, and (unless I find evidence of more) one other.

All of them are from 1987 which can only mean Peter did a bunch of these in 1987 which definitely warrants a special entry in the filmography. 

shit, this was filmed in Romania????!!

That’s what the IMDB says. Of course, it also says the film had an estimated budget of $6,000,000 which seems like it’s at least three zeros too many. 

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Love love love the PCap dancing gifs, thank you so much for these. I was wondering—what show/movie is the gif of him dancing with the girl holding the cigarette and wearing the midriff from??

(as asked by an anon)

That would be House of 9 a wonderfully terrible film with horrendous editing.  Still, Eurotrash Max is awesome and got Peter a free trip to Romania (where it was filmed), which must have warmed his Dracula-loving heart, and a chance to work with Dennis Hopper which was possibly less of a thrill since Dennis’s “Irish” accent and “acting” in this are actually the worst things ever.


Larry should do us all such favors.

Oh, Elly what were you thinking letting him get away?


Poor Ronnie, why does stupid reality insist on ruining his epic love story with Estelle?  Since his epic love story exists in his brain*, it clearly also must exist outside his brain, because that’s just logic.

And speaking of epic love stories, if the commenter who asked about a Pilfrey and Estelle and Randall and Lix post is reading this, I did see it and it’s definitely something that’s gonna happen because it simply must.

*His epic love story fills all the corners of this brain—yes, his brain is square like all NORMAL brains — that aren’t devoted to pink shirts, colourful socks, and the constantly running “Who’s the greatest?  “Ronnie’s the Greatest!” refrain slash Patsy Cline Beatles medley.


When you have as many ~feelings~ as Pilfrey has, they really can only be fully expressed through the power of extremely LOUD interpretive dance.

I would put Cricklewood Greats at the top of “underrated” simply because not many have had a chance to watch it, but it is one of the greatest anythings I have ever seen. Also his episode of Accused since I never see anyone talk about it.

Yeah, Cricklewood is definitely not underrated from a critical standpoint, which makes the BBC’s apparent determination to limit its availability as much as possible even harder to fathom.

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Please don´t miss out on The Field of Blood. It´s not a big part, but Doctor Pete is one of my all time favourite…

You’re right, Field of Blood should also be on the list. Half because Dr Pete is such a general sweetheart and half because he is specifically a sweetheart with the most swoonworthy gravelly Glaswegian voice.