Yeah, right, Ollie.  I don’t know if this is some strange attempt to create plausible deniability while at the very same time dumping your mate right in it or what, but there is no way — no way — Glenn’s name is only spelled with one ‘n’.

Not that I have proof as such, but I will just never ever believe we’re really supposed to think Glenn Cullen is Glen Cullen even if we know something went horribly wrong the only time we see it spelled out in canon, in Hugh’s infamous sweary email in 106/203:

But the question is, do we think Hugh’s email went awry because Hugh didn’t know how to spell the not-very-complicated-first-name-of-his-best-friend-for-thirty-seven-years or do we think it went awry because Hugh “I am king of remembering my own password also I’ve heard of Pingu” Abbot doesn’t understand how email works and just assumed anything addressed to would get to the right one?  

I’m going to say the latter and also say that whatever reason Ollie had for spelling Glenn’s name with a single n as he did in 307, it was not because that’s how Glenn’s name is spelled.

Because his name is Glenn and that’s that.


Not so worried about the Human Resources now, are we, Julius?

The fight with Glenn has a punch, this fight has a punchline.

Malcolm stalking down the hall until he’s got Julius backed into the doorway, them grappling like a couple of non-sweaty octopuses trying to unhook a bra, Julius — who is still undoubtedly still smarting from the food fight in Spinners and Losers that Malcolm started — with his tie-grabbing pelvic thrusting seriously Julius what *are* you doing there calling Malcolm both man AND boy, dramatic finger pointing by both parties, and then of course, the best part of all, Malcolm’s ritual half-hearted protestations about Julius touching him, but his total commitment to Julius not touching his designer muffler (after Julius has had a very personal grip on his tie) because some things are just beyond the fucking pale


073 Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War (2002)

What really gets me the most about this is it is advertised as a feel good movie.  If that’s so, I sure would hate to see a feel bad movie.  Because, yuck.

The first time he was a Caldicot, it was spelled with two ts, and it was the 1980s, and he was dressed like Action Man with a beret like a lopsided mushroom.  

As little as Harry Caldicott had to do in C.A.T.S. Eyes, I much prefer him to Derek Caldicot, who mostly distinguishes himself by living in a house the size of a small country, having the wife as bad as he is, driving a Jag, wearing a silly scarf, doing epic eyerolls, and having really amazing lung power.

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I meant to put together the next post of the slow motion filmography, but I somehow ended up with a post of Malcolm’s slow motion terrifying hilarious evil birdface instead.


The Question No One Really Asked (Except For  One Person): Is Oliver Reeder an Ollie or an Olly?

(And does anyone really care?)*

*Well, apparently, I do.

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Why do I think Malcolm has this exact same conversation with himself every time he thinks about taking a day off from The Job?


Anonymous said: Hello :) I saw a gif from The Ladykillers in your recent post and I'm wondering if there's any video footage of this play to download or see online? By the way, I love your blog!

There’s about a minute available on Youtube and about another minute available on a source I don’t think I have anymore (only the gifs I made last year) and as far as I know that’s it.  From the way the footage is shot and edited, I’m quite sure the whole play was filmed, but as far as I know, only a couple of minutes have ever been available to see.  Sorry!


Speak for yourself, Doctor!

(Well, except I know you are in every possible way.)

But don’t say it looks stupid, ‘cause it just ain’t so.  Not when it was your previous self with the mad grin and all that curly hair and not when it’s any version of your current face on someone else either — I’m looking at you the mostest, Professor Marcus!


An unexpected Things That Are The Same or How the Cardinal can bend the laws of time and space and retroactively Dramatic Cape a simple blanket into upstaging two Doctors* and the Six Million Dollar Man.

(Seriously, though, here’s proof that Peter has been practicing his Dramatic Cape for many many years, which sadly and despite many opportunities, hardly made it oncreen at all in the The Musketeers episodes proper, but unsadly — which is to say very happily — were featured front and center in the almost two minute behind-the-scenes catwalk feature.)

*insert complicated (or possibly simple?) meta joke here about Who looks like Who, etc.


Malcolm is not a megalomaniac!